Try TeachVac: don’t waste money reinventing the wheel

For me, the most interesting paragraph in the White Paper issued today by the Secretary of State at

is paragraph 1.36 that I have reproduced below

Recruitment: we will reform the National College for Teaching and Leadership, ensuring that in addition to delivering our leadership remit, we are better able to design and deliver well-targeted incentives, teacher recruitment campaigns and opportunities that attract sufficient, high quality new entrants to the profession, including those who are looking to return to the classroom. To reduce the costs of recruitment for schools in a more challenging labour market, we will create simple web tools that enable schools to advertise vacancies for free and a new national teacher vacancy website so that aspiring and current teachers can find posts quickly and easily

The text in bold has been highlighted by me. This is because, as many readers know, I helped establish TeachVac last year to do this very thing.

Indeed, on the 7th March, during a visit to the DfE, I handed a civil servant a letter for the Secretary of State drawing her attention to TeachVac and asking that it be passed to Mrs Morgan’s via her Private Office. I have heard nothing since, presumably because to have replied might have compromised the White Paper. However, the fact that previous letters on this subject also went unanswered suggests the DfE wants to develop its own scheme. It is worth remembering that the last time they tried, it didn’t last very long.

As Chairman of TeachVac, I am happy to discuss saving the government money by demonstrating TeachVac to the DfE, NCTL, College of Teachers or indeed any other body that is to be charged with meeting the DfE’s aim in the White Paper. There really is no need to re-invent the wheel or waste money on something that already exists.

TeachVac has been growing rapidly this year and secondary schools using the system already receive information on the state of the market; this can be expanded to cover all schools very easily.

Our latest assessment of the trainee pool depletion rates for 2016 are reproduced below.

ITT pool numbers as of 17/03/16

Group ITT Number left % left
Art 503 404 80.32
Science 2604 1158 44.49
English 1940 913 47.09
Mathematics 2197 1205 54.87
Languages 1226 826 67.41
IT 498 316 63.45
Design & Technology 518 273 52.80
Business 174 61 35.34
RE 386 217 56.35
PE 1230 1004 81.63
Music 358 224 62.71
Geography 580 309 53.36
History 847 580 68.48

Now is the time for the remaining schools to sign up to TeachVac for nothing and show the government that this isn’t something that they need to re-invent from scratch.

As I have been monitoring trends in vacancies in schools at all levels since I started counting headships in 1983, I would be delighted to see schools able to save substantial sums of money on recruitment. After all, that was the aim of TeachVac and why is was free to use from Day 1.




3 thoughts on “Try TeachVac: don’t waste money reinventing the wheel

  1. What a sensible idea, far too sensible for Nicky Morgan to even consider. It is not surprising to me that you didn’t get a reply to your kind suggestion, delivered in writing and in person. It seems that basic manners have no place in the operational structures of the DfE under her reign. The management and resources of the DfE are stretched to breaking point and they’ve all found out this week that they will have to deal with an entire acadamisation of the state sector. The whole thing would be farcical if it wasn’t so sad.

    • Jonathan,

      I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised either. As I said, the Minister might not have wanted to prejudice the White Paper announcement. The cost saving will be useful to schools however achieved. I just hope they don’t waste money.


  2. Reblogged this on Skorn and commented:
    This is such a frustrating tale – so often people with John’ s expertise have excellent ideas that could be put into action immediately, but they are ignored by the people in power!

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