Normal service has been resumed

The technical difficulties replying to comments made to me have been resolved. The issue was with my internet browser. I was using Chrome but have switched to Firefox through which I can access all parts of my blog again, including updating posts and replying to comments. My apologies for the down time. The rest of this post still remains relevant

However, I am not the only one to have had difficulties. The DfE seem to have pulled the research and priorities document from their web site that featured in my post of earlier this week. If anyone downloaded a copy before it was removed, I would welcome a copy. You can email me via the comments page, and once WordPress is fully functional again I will be able to access it.

The suite of DfE documents that emerged, and in some cases disappeared, today did seem to lack coordination, and it is tempting to wonder which Minister gave approval for their release?

The whole saga might merit a footnote in Private Eye.

4 thoughts on “Normal service has been resumed

    • But you will notice that the specific one one Governance is no longer in the list. That is the one I posted about with the specific quotes and it has now been removed.

  1. Of course, the DfE site is being moved to over the next few weeks so things are all over the place – and that is something over which the DfE has little influence or control.

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